Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tick Tick, Tock Tock

More phone calls were made and received on Monday and Tuesday, after I posted on the blog.

-A copy of AJ's Medicaid approval was sent to our CI Program at 10am on Tuesday morning.

-Our case is opening the door for many more kiddos. Apparently, there was a major miscommunication, or just plain lack of communication, between Medicaid and the facilities involved (Froedtert/MCW). The legislative liasion thanked me for being so thorough in my letter and drawing attention to a larger issue at hand. Medicaid has sent out a Field Agent to the Otolaryngology Department, which apparently did not have access to the new computer system implemented in November. We are hoping that this will take a lot of stress off of our CI insurance gal. She has spent countless hours working on our case, and many other kiddos cases. We do not want her efforts overlooked!!! I put the liasion in direct contact with her and between the two of them, and what was being told by Medicaid, not all the pieces of the puzzle were present.

-AJ's CI audi has been officially notified that AJ's implant has been approved and will be in touch soon to discuss device choice, activation, etc.

-Yesterday I called to find out why the surgery scheduler hadn't called me yet. I finally got in contact with her. She is currently coordinating everyone for AJ's surgery...and we "should" have a date TODAY. She did share when our surgeon's next available date is, which happens to be the date she is shooting for. We will not share until we know a date FOR SURE!

-Yesterday AJ's SLP was able to get him in with one of the NP in the ENT Clinic to check out his ears. We've had major head-banging and a decrease in liquid intake. Red flag, red flag! NO EAR INFECTIONS. WHEW. Just lots of gooey wax. She removed it and attributed the rest of his symptoms to teething. While he was screaming during the wax removal I was able to get a good look into his mouth and saw some teeth coming in. Molars. Fun.

So, here we sit. I literally hear a clock in my head. Tick Tick, Tock Tock. Yesterday, I watched a sequential bilateral cochlear implant surgery online. AWESOME!!! Click HERE to go to University Hospitals Case Medical Center Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital website and watch the surgery. Amazing! If you ask my mom, I've always "wanted to know" what they are doing when it comes to medical things. While doctors were stitching up my head at age 6, the doctor had to explain to me what he was doing or I wouldn't sit still. :) Anyhow, knowing exactly what they'll be doing calms me. It wasn't gory either, I got a little squimish at first, but once they got in, it was awesome!

We'll keep everyone updated!

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