Monday, May 18, 2009


I am dubbing today as Manic Monday....oh, lets just say we're on the verge of a manic week.

We are less than pleased with the school district (SD), which I know is not "new", but it seems to continue to get worse as we go along. For something this important, "last minute" efforts are not cool.

It seems that AJ's surgery tomorrow has put a wrench in everyone's plans to come and observe him. Again, let me say that we are very thankful that his current team is doing the evaluations, with the SD only coming to observe. His IEP is scheduled for the 3rd of June. It seems that everyone is in a mad dash to complete their observations. Between his surgery and Memorial Day being next week, it's a mess.

So far I've been cancelled on by one SD staff member and deeply offended by another SD staff member...during a phone conversation last week. The SD Speech Therapist and Early Education Teacher will be coming to observe AJ at toddler group today. The school nurse, vision specialist, and psychologist all still need to observe AJ.

After toddler group we have to rush home for his TOD to come for her session, nap, and then OT later tonight.

Tomorrow is his eye surgery and other procedure. He was cleared for surgery on Friday. WHEW. It should only take an hour total. We have requested to have the surgery done at CHW instead of the outpatient surgery center. Given his history, it just makes us feel a bit more comfortable. He will be in the same Day Surgery area as he was for his cochlear implant surgery. We are a bit nervous as to how he will do post-surgery, given what happened post-op after CI surgery. He will go home the same day.

He has a follow-up the next morning with his ophthalmologist the next morning (which means no toddler group-SIGH). I wasn't sure if he'd be himself enough to go to group anyways, so maybe its for the best. Thursday he has his 1 month CI follow-up/programming and Friday he has speech (which we have to go to since he'll be missing Tuesday's session due to the surgery).

It's a manic Monday & I wish it were Sunday.


  1. Take a deep breath ... breathe. All you can do is one day at a time. I hate weeks like these. Pure chaos, but then it's over, you play catch up, and then it's almost like you're on vacation and don't know what to do without the chaos. I'll be thinking of you this week and saying prayers that everything goes smoothly; especially AJ's surgery and recovery. Oh, and remember, a nice cold one at the end of the day never hurts to help mom and dad relax too! : )

  2. Sounds crazy! I hope the SD gets its act together! Seems to be a common theme on the blogs these days, huh? I hope it flies by for you and surgery goes smoothly! We'll be thinking of you guys!

  3. Sending good vibes to the fourth floor for you! ;)


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