Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Happy 1 Month of Hearing AJ!

Wow! Really? 1 month? It feels like yesterday. I'm sure we'll say the same thing when its been a year.

We were having doubts last week...big time. Are we doing enough? Is he doing what he's supposed to be doing? Did we choose the right communication option?

Tonight, exactly 1 month since activation, AJ responded to all of the items in the "Parents" drum kit like it was old hat. Yeah Ma, I heard that. Whatever.


Lately, when his coil falls off, I giggle and humbly put it back on his head. All I have to do is place this small piece of his head and he can hear. A month ago, six months ago, a year ago, we could only dream of our little man hearing.

He has been paying more attention to strangers voices. He tends to ignore my voice and Jer's voice. But when he hears someone else talk, he notices right away. He's signing more consistently. A few other signs are emerging. He's interested in bach and forth play with his voice. We use a small flashlight and shine it under my mouth when I say "AAHHHHH". When I stop, I turn the light off. He has started pushing the light towards my mouth after I put it under his mouth to signal his turn. He has vocalized a few times, so I'll count this as emerging. He's been very vocal, usually pairing it with movement or while watching something move (fan). Longer sounds and we've heard "gooooo or guuhh" a few times, but not consistent. He playing with the different intonations of his voice. His receptive language has increased as well.

Tomorrow is his 1 month FU appointment with his CI audi. We will do another booth testing and receive another set of programs for his CI. I wonder where he'll test tomorrow....

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  1. Glad to hear surgery went well! Sounds like he's doing amazingly 1 months post activation too. I've been trying to figure out what FU stands for... I'm usually pretty good with such lingo... and I just figured it out - follow up! It took me a few minutes...


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