Monday, July 13, 2009

A Good Day

Today was a good day.

This morning in toddler group AJ:

-Sat nicely for all three circle times (only fussed when the middle circle time ran over its normal length of time)

-Took his picture and walked with his teacher to put it on the board...sat in her lap without freaking out...and giggled when she raised his arm and said "Hi Friends"

-Turned his head to look when the teacher said "Where's Amy?" (Looked behind us, which is where she was sitting!)

-Waited patiently for snack...vocalizing but not having a tantrum

-Stood up while the other kids were dancing to birthday music (**on playlist...he's never shown interest before

-Made a whole lot of eye contact with his teachers AND the other kids. Not just glances, but watching them.

-Participated in circle time play in connection with story being read (brushed shoes, played with beads & mirror, etc)

-Remembered the "swinging" song when he heard it today and enjoyed swinging at the end of group

-Sat in teacher's lap at the end of group to sign bye-bye song without freaking out

After lunch today AJ:

-Got down from his booster chair and walked down to his bedroom and crawled into bed for his nap

-Walked from the car to and from his PT/OT therapy clinic

-Successfully climbed up into the car and got into his carseat-including turning his body into the correct sitting position-4 times.

After dinner today AJ:

-Walked away from his Daddy (who had frozen custard) and came directly over to his Mommy, put his hand/arm up, lookd me in the eye and SAID "Uh."


-Picked up flashlight (we use it for taking turns using our voices) and noticed it was off. I said/signed "On?" Looked up at me. I said "Can Mommy have it?" He thought about it. Then handed Mommy the flashlight! I handed it back to him. He took it and put it up to my mouth to make me talk!!!

Today was a GOOD DAY!


  1. Yay to AJ for such an AWESOME day! And the "uh" for up! OMG! What a milestone!!!!

  2. It was more than a good day, it was a GREAT day! So excited for you! GO AJ!!!!


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