Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reflection: Part 2

After we received and accepted referral, a large DHL envelope landed on our doorstep. We filled out yet more paperwork and anxiously awaited DNA testing and results. Once we had DNA results (a positive match between child and birthmother), we could visit our baby boy.

We received AJ's referral in September 2006, but did not receive our DNA results until the following February of 2007. We visited him for the first time at the end of February, beginning of March 2007. What did we do to pass the time from referral to our 1st visit & beyond? We waited anxiously on our monthly photos of AJ, created his Quilt of Love, had a baby shower, and tried to keep ourselves busy! (The Quilt & Shower will be in another post!)

July 2006 (Received with Referral Photos)- 1 month old
We believe this is the very first picture that was taken of AJ; it was taken when he was released from the hospital ICU and his birthmother brought him to the orphange. This is by far the photo that makes us cry the most. But when we have down days, this picture gives us perspective and reminds us just how far he's come.

August 2006 (Received October 2006)-2 months old

Another referral photo-September 2006-3 months old

September 2006-The Infamous "Chippy Cheeks" Photo
Taken by an adoptive Dad who was visiting his child and who happened to be a pediatric neurologist.

Halloween-October 2006-4 months old
Christmas-December 2006-6 months old

January 2007-Taken by another visiting family

New Year's Baby-January 2007-7 months old

Valentine's Day-February 2007-8 months old

Easter-April 2007-10 months old
This picture was the photo, he wore the same outfit he was wearing when we met him

May 2007-11 months old

June 2007-12 months old

July 2007-13 months old

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