Friday, September 4, 2009

Since these are the hot topic in the blogging world... is our calendar. I made it a few months ago in an attempt to help AJ understand the routine of the day.

We are just now getting to the point of leaving the calendar up on the door, pulling the activity cards off at the appropriate times, and talking/signing about what we are going to do next. At naptime, I change the cards for our afternoon routine.

I cut a piece of cardstock in half (length-wise) and laminated each side individually. I then used packing tape to attach them make one long strip. I used velcro pieces on the strip and on the back of each activity card. I created a chart in Word using pictures of AJ doing certain activities, as well as clip art. I wanted to him to get used to seeing a variety of things for art time, therapy days, dinner, etc. (not just the chicken nugget picture). I cut each card to size BEFORE I laminated them. Let's face it, anytime I get a chance to use my card making supplies-I'm thrilled! The laminator I have uses sheets that open on one end so you can arrange your pieces and then close it and send it through the machine. I LOVE IT! **Shameless pitch: I got my laminator @ Target for $29. The ones online and at the office stores are way more expensive!

I do really like the Listening Room calendar, but I think its a bit beyond AJ's level at the moment. Our's is a bit simpler and seems to be doing the trick. I still need to make a pouch to keep the cards in-that can be attached to the door as well. And I do like this workboard from Aiden's Mom. Oh my, it looks like I'm going to be forced down into my stamping oasis again.


  1. I was going to link to you in my post, but couldn't find this activity calendar on your blog ... I absolutely LOVE this and am glad you posted about it! This is going to be our next step when Aiden gets a little older. I got the velcro idea from you too - so simple. Gotta go ... I'm off to Target to buy a laminator! Never knew they sold them! Love it!

  2. very cool... I like your calendar. I agree... the Listening Room calendar is ahead of Lucas too, but I figure he'll grow into it.

  3. Love this. The Listening Room is ahead of Peas too...but I'm still doing it! I am thinking of adding a daily plan like this too. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. A woman after my own heart. I took out my supplies today to make a Memorial poster for a family member that passed. Now I go the itch again. Great idea!


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