Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Strawberries ARE in Season...

At least in AJ's world they are!

Today, on Day 2 of Preschool, AJ's teacher reported me that during snack he SIGNED:

Strawberry. (pause) Strawberry. (pause) More. (pause) Strawberry.

HOLY COW!!! I could hardly believe what I was HEARING!

What was equally as awesome was when she was telling me the story...his teacher has the BEST animation and tone in her voice. She said/signed "Tell Mommy what we had for snack today. We had strawberries." AJ's eyes immediately looked up at her when she said the word strawberries-and he grinned at her. He recognized the word!

We now have TWO WORDS in his signing vocabulary. WAHOO!


  1. Awesome, AJ! Receptive language is the first step. How many pints of strawberries did you buy yesterday? ;)

  2. Just ONE ;) I almost put a picture of strawberry shortcake up for this post-since you mentioned it yesterday.

  3. Every step counts! I would have been soooo excited too! Sounds like he has a great teacher!


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