Friday, March 12, 2010

Sensy Shamrocks

AGAIN.  Someone take the food coloring away from me! 

Sensy Shamrocks

What you'll need:
Rice Crispies
Butter or Margarine
Vanilla (optional)
Large Pot
9x13 pan
Wax Paper
Non-stick cooking spray
Green food coloring
One beautiful or handsome assistant
{Rice Crispy Treats Recipe of Your Choice}

Getting Ready
Pouring in the cereal
Using wax paper and smushing the treats into the pan 
Peeling off the wax paper
Letting it stick to our fingers (and forearms)
Noticing the difference after we sprayed our hands with cooking spray
(No longer sticking)
Shamrock Cookie Cutter
Pressing and pushing the cookie cutter down to cut our shamrocks

By completing this crafty project, AJ worked on:
Fine Motor-Pouring in the rice cereal, stirring the sticky mixture, pressing the mixture into the pan, pushing cookie cutter down, pulling back the wax paper

Gross Motor/Balance-standing/balancing on stepstool independently, helping Mom scrap the mixture into the pan, weight bearing through shoulders/arms

Sensory- "Warm", "Sticky", "Gritty", "Gooey" texture of mixture, feeling the difference between pushing on the wax paper, pushing the mixture alone and it getting stuck on his hands, feeling of non-stick cooking spray being sprayed on his hands, different feeling when touching the mixture once again without it sticking., deep pressure from Mom's hand-over-hand guidance while pushing down on the shamrock cookie cutter

Auditory-heard me say the words "pour", "mix", "yummy", /m/, "wait", "HOT!", "sticky"
"take it off", "feel", "funny", "push", /sh/, "different", "help"
 "stir", "green", "marshmallow", "cereal", "melt", {and other words} repeatedly.

I did not have an issue with AJ on a stepstool next to me at the stove.  It created the opportunity to work on the word "HOT!" with him in a different context than telling him to wait for his oatmeal or other foods that may be too hot to eat right away during meal times.  He listened very well.  I melted the butter on low heat and thanks to a great soup pot, it didn't take long for the butter and then marshmallows to melt.  I slide it off the heat immediately and put in the vanilla and a few drops of green food coloring.  We then poured in the cereal.  I mixed most of the mixture but toward the end gave AJ the opportunity to stir.

By the time we got the mixture into the pan, it was only a tad warm.  Enter wax paper.  It wasn't until I put the wax paper on I thought the pulling off would be good for him too. I did find cheap 0.79 cent shamrock cookie cutters at Michaels.  I didn't get it because I wanted AJ to have something to push on.  I was lucky enough to find a Comfort Grip Wilton Shamrock Cookie Cutter to use.  Spent a smidge more, but it was worth it.  I don't think the cheap one would have cut through the rice crispie treat mixture.  My 9x13 pan gave me 6 shamrocks.  But the leftovers around the shamrock cut-outs are still deliciously yummy!  Oh, and the word sensy?  It is indeed, not a word.  But it is my slang for the word sensory.


  1. Grandma and Grandpa want you to think about setting AJ up in his own bakery! He is going to give some of these Food Channel programs a run for their money! By the way, these were really really clever..and if you don't mind I'm going to borrow your idea for my next class.

  2. You are supermom. Love this idea. When are we getting the boys together to bake?!?

  3. Aiden and I are so making these for his birthday party next weekend (since he is a St. Patty's Day baby).

    Oh, and I think you need to write a book! You have such great ideas and all which help our little men with so much more than just listening!


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