Sunday, November 7, 2010

Condensed Mommy

I have about a hundred or so things to blog about.  Instead, I'm going to try this bulletin point style.

Here goes:

-AJ finished the Intensive Therapy week like the rockstar he is.  Jeremy was able to take off work and was there with us for his last day.  I can't say it enough, I'm SO GLAD we did this.  I'm working on a montage of AJ's therapy journey (its been 3 years), ending with the intensives.  I'll post it soon.

-The Intensive experience led to the possibility of me becoming a Parent Mentor.  I cannot explain how exciting I am about this.  While I have connected with many, many CI families, the Intensives was the first time I saw other children with brain injuries...and their parents.  I received some information via email last night, so I am very excited to pursue it.

-AJ eased back into the school routine with a bit of trouble.  Not too much, but enough to make me anxious.  By Wednesday he was back into the routine, and we were all relieved. 

-I won the Flaky Mom of the Year award on Wednesday.  I scheduled 3 appointments following his day at school.  Didn't I say I would never do that again? That was a horrible day.  Why?  Because I totally forgot about the last appointment until we were finishing his therapy appointment and I screamed, "OMG he has CP clinic today."  The day, unfortunately, deserves its own post, which will come soon.

-Our sitter is officially our sitter no more.

-We went to the pumpkin farm twice this year.  Once on his school field trip and once as a family.  Another post coming soon.

-I am thanking my lucky stars that the weather forecast predicts 50s this week.  We are back to having me paint the house (the outside), so hopefully I can finish.  I was really discouraged when I could see my breath and had to scrap the car windows last week.

-We have slowed down (not by choice) on getting the house ready.  As always, AJ runs the show around here.  I haven't had the motivation to do much of anything.  Our plan is to list the house in January.  Wish us luck.

-The dogs got baths.  They weren't happy.  I think we are the only people who go through multiple dog beds a year.  I'm anal about washing them-constantly.

-Jeremy was in Indiana this weekend on a business trip.  I'm so happy to have him home...even though he thinks he has strep throat and will be gracing urgent care with his presence this morning. 

-AJ's doing well with his seizure medication.  He was out of it on Friday, and school was concerned.  After a panicked call to his neurologists nurse, I calmed and collected myself.  He's had a heck of a week and he was probably just tired.  Exhausted is more like it.  AJ is allowed to be inconsistent, heck, he's been consistent a lot lately, so I guess I can see how that was concerning when he just didn't wanna.  I up'ed his medication on Thursday, so I thought maybe he was overmedicated, but we'll see.  We have a plan of action. 

-I was thankful to return to the school routine and have a bit of time to myself.  I met a friend for coffee and it was heavenly.  I probably should have stayed home and gotten things done, but I treated myself instead.  I'm looking into yoga classes near AJ's school, and am very excited to begin volunteering again for his preschool program.

-I'm still debating on whether or not to make our Christmas cards again.  Seriously, this is quite a debate in my head.  If I don't, that means another normal thing I used to do, out the window.  If I do, I will spend hours picking the right design and hours making them, and do I really have time to do that?  I should make the time. Seriously.

-From the Intensives we learned AJ could benefit from quite a few items of different equipment.  We are working on purchasing what he needs: SPIO vest, treadmill, bolster, arm constraint, leukotape, I'll stop there.  Merry Christmas AJ, here's your bolster.  He has regressed a bit being a week out from intensives, but we are doing are best to keep up with the carryover.  That darn foot is just my nemesis. 

-AJ and I made and played with pumpkin spice scented playdough this weekend.  SO easy to make and he loved it!

-AJ's on a typical toddler diet lately: chicken nuggets and grapes.  Thats all he wants.  So either he's going to be a spokesperson for a frozen nugget company, or he's going to become a grape.  Oh!  Then he could do the Fruit of the Loom commercials...

-We participated in the JDRF Walk to Cure To Diabetes.  It was a huge success, despite the rain!  Big surprise-a post coming soon.

-I've been driving around looking at houses near AJ's school.  I fell in love with a Victorian near the college.  Oh my.  I parked and sat and admired it for 10 minutes. Sigh.  As I drove down the street, its a street of all larger older homes, including other Victorians, and GASP, the park is at the end of the road.  Can you imagine?  At the end of the road!  Not at last 10 minutes by car.  I can't even imagine that.  AJ and I could walk to the park. Yesterday my anxiety over moving took over my excitement, but today I'm back to dreaming of that house. 

-I'm sick, just sick that there is Christmas stuff in the stores already.  Ugh.  Come on people, Thanksgiving is a great holiday.  You need to sell more than an endcap of berry wreaths and turkey printed paper plates/cups. Lets not skip what we are Thankful for.  Annoying.

-AJ is making great progress with his PECS. He's on Phase 3, choosing from 3 pictures.   Another post to come.  I made him his own book, so I'm anxious to show everyone how we did that.  Someone introduced the phrase "Bridging the Frustration" to me.  I love it.  It is a bridge.  I love seem him and and less frustrated.  But I still want him to learn to speak.  Just have to say that.

-Did I mention AJ has apraxia?  Oh yeah.  That's making it more difficult for his to develop spoken language too. 

-We are looking into therapeutic riding for AJ.  Hippotherapy (riding) and Aquatic Therapy were both suggested for AJ at the Intensives. AJ rode a pony this summer and absolutely loved it.  It would be GREAT for his pelvis, hips, and TRUNK.  Some of them charge, and of course most close for winter, but I've got the information so we'll be doing more research.  We're also considering getting a pass to the waterpark we went to during Intensives.  He had a blast and did so well.  Its close to his school, and when we move, a few minute drive at most.  So exciting.

-I have projects we did over the summer I still have not posted.  Make your own mud pudding, Floyd our Fish, all sorts of exciting stuff. 

Like I said, lots to post about.


  1. LOVE this post. :)


    You must make your holiday cards this year. I loved yours from last year and kept it up way past Valentines Day. And it's good for you to be crafty!

    You know how I feel about the Christmas stuff up the day after Halloween. Come on, people.

    Love the "Bridging the Frustration" thing. Makes sense to me.


    And you should absolutely find a pool for AJ. YMCA swimming lessons are pretty cheap even if you're not a member. Would be a great winter activity!

  2. I really love your Post!!! I am also suggesting you that YMCA swimming lessons are pretty cheap..So, from my point of view, you can join it ASAP to do lots of fun with Aj... I also want to know that is there are any changes seen in AJ's Audiogram reading after taking this therapy you mention in this post???

  3. Russel,
    The intensives therapy was not geared toward hearing or listening. It was more about physical, occupational, and feeding. We continue to struggle with achieving an accurate audiogram for AJ.

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