Monday, November 15, 2010

School Experience Book

I asked AJ's school staff to take pictures for this school experience book.  They took pictures of each part of his day along with photos of themselves (thank you!).  You'll have to use your imagination on this one, folks. The book chronicles our day with a story flow like this: We drive up to school...walk in the doors...there's Mrs. X...and there's Mrs. Y, and there's Z......then its snack time...then we eat lunch...then we have gym...then rest time...then Mommy picks you get the picture.  This book was extremely helpful when AJ returned to school after being out a week for Intensives.  I also use it on Sunday nights a lot, to prep for the new school week.

I found a "school" themed pack of scrapbook paper in the $1 bin at Target last year and held on to it, knowing I would use it somehow in the future. I made the cover with scrap cardstock, scrap crayon printed paper, and a sticker I got on clearance (last year) for 25 cents. 

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