Friday, August 21, 2009

The Great Blue /sh/

Let me first say CLICK HERE to read about the 6 Ling Sounds. Be sure to scroll down a bit when you get to the page-as it lists the Ling 6. These are crucial for children with CIs. The rest of this post will then make sense (unless you are a CI Momma and then well, you already know!)

It has always amazed me that the /sh/ sound has always been one of the strongest of the Lings that AJ hears. It is often one of the hardest.

One afternoon I found AJ and myself bored with our normal daily play activities. I pulled out his Ling Box and stared for a while. Somehow, food coloring popped into my head. I grabbed AJ's little watering can, some food coloring, and we headed into the bathroom.

I wanted to play with the /sh/ sound a little bit, short & long, and came up with this!

Vocabulary Used During This Activity:
Splash, Splash, Splash
Fill it up!
Say help!
Listen...(pause) "sshhhhhhhhhhhhh" while pouring water
Colors: blue,green
Put it on! (watering can top)


  1. I love it! I'm going to steal this and do it with Aiden! Great idea!!


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