Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009

We took a trip to Green Lake, WI and Cedar Rapids, IA earlier in August.

Jeremy had a one-day conference at a gorgeous hotel on Green Lake so we drove up as a family, stayed overnight, and then left for Iowa the next day after Jer's conference was over. Here are some gorgeous shots of Green Lake we discovered while Dad was hard at work.

Haley was once again here, which was such a blessing. She had been here for almost a week, helping us with AJ. Instead of taking the train back, she just rode to Iowa with us! While Jer was at his conference we took AJ to the hotel pool. I am not kidding you-I have never seen this type of kiddie pool in a hotel before. At least not one without the waterpark attached to it. It was awesome! AJ absolutely loved it, and we played between the kiddie pool and regular pool for two hours. AJ enjoys being in his new carseat and really enjoyed the ride to Iowa.

Over the weekend we enjoyed the Corn Fest at Grandma & Grandpa's church. AJ did a great job of eating his way through and went on his first ride, the Carousel. It was very exciting that he was able to enjoy something at the Corn Fest. We were a little disappointed he couldn't go down the big slide with Haley (no double riding), and was too small and wouldn't understand to sit and stay in the train ride, but at least he was able to go on the Carousel. They had an entire Kiddieland Tent set up. AJ fished, picked a duck, threw a football, and picked a sucker from the sucker tree. It was really cute.

The next morning we headed to the Amana Colonies for some yummy breakfast with the breakfast group. AJ loved the European style pancakes. We enjoyed the neighbor's pool...AJ is such a natural in the pool. And we can't forget the always hilarious games of Catch Phrase.

On our way home we stopped in Cambridge, WI. "Our" bed and breakfast, Lake Ripley Lodge, is located there, right on Lake Ripley. We've come to know the owners rather well, and after many failed attempts, decided to stop so they could meet AJ. Jim and Janice are such wonderful people! They were very excited to see us and we enjoyed our visit with them. Janice is a former SLP, so we chatted abou cochlear implants and how AJ was doing with it. It just about melted my heart when she signed shoes and socks to him on the porch. While she offered us "our" room, we left for home. We are anxious to get back there, as we haven't been all year! It is the perfect getaway-only about an hour away and driving distance to Madison. Maybe this fall...

Back to this vacation:
Thanks for having us Grandma & Grandpa Nutt!

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