Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Think About You

Disclaimer: This post is either going to make me seem extremely lame or thoughtful.  Your pick.

I just sent an email off to another blog mamacita and had a brainstorm mid-keystroke.  Certain things remind me of certain people.  I'm sure you've noticed in this your own life.  If you are already thinking this post is lame, then please, just please, pretend you've noticed this in your own life. 

Yesterday I posted about my Gram-how I think of her when I see or do X, Y, or Z.

Well, I think about my fellow blog mamacitas a lot too.  Even though we know each other (with the exception of Melanie) exclusively through cyberspace...I still know a lot about them.

When I see Ohio Buckeye sports apparel or ring stackers, I think of Jenny.

When I hear DMB (Dave Matthews Band) and watch DC Cupcakes, I think of Tina.

When I see a National Geographic mag or anything to do with Texas, I think of Tammy.

When I visit my in-laws in Iowa or see a bandana on a kiddo, I think of Shanon.

When I'm at the car wash, or see something the color purple, I think of Ellen.

When I hear spanish lyrics or play at AJ's water table, I think of Jennifer.

When I watch SYTYCD or make experience books for AJ, I think of Celeste.

When I see really, really, yummy chocolate or see mini-vans parked in handicapped parking spaces, I think of Jess.

When I see a Starbucks or any type of stuffed bunny, I think of Melanie.

We all read whats going on it one another's lives.  We read, comment, cry, laugh, and cheer each other on.  With all the negativity you can find in this great landscape called the Internet...I've sure found some positives.


  1. And I think about you, dear bloggie friend, when I think about all things crafty, adoption & Guatemala. You guys are always in my thoughts too!!

  2. Amen, sista.

    I feel exactly the same way.


  3. Wonderful, very thoughtful post. Gave me chills and a big smile. So true. and so thankful for people like you, who one day, I will meet! ; )

  4. Well I'm insulted (kidding) :-). I think about you because our kids were activated around the same time, I also have a son named AJ and I have 2 adopted siblings from India and Bangladesh.

    Loved your post.


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