Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let's Talk About It

Recently, I've been emailing with Ellen, another mom who's son has CP, and who runs an awesome blog of her own, To The Max.  I absoutely love the way Ellen writes.  My latest question sparked a blog post about speech devices.  Please take a moment to read her post AND the comments HERE.  Don't worry, I'll wait for you to read it and come back...

Last night I had a dream.  A dream that AJ was at the park playing and all of sudden noticed I was there.  He came barrelling across the grass (the dream was equip with slow-motion and I swear Chariots of Fire should have been playing) SHOUTING "Mama Mama Mama."  About a thousand times.  I woke up so abruptly, as I thought he was really calling me. It was so incredibly real...feeling.


The fact remains that AJ is struggling to communicate.  Let me rephrase: He's not forming speech, words, etc.  And I don't know which way to turn.  All these different mazes and not a guide map for any of them.  Everyone has their own opinion, everyone thinks their method is the best.  And yes, we know AJ best, but that doesn't mean we know all the answers.  Yes, he's made incredible progress, but that doesn't hide the fact that when a stranger talks to him there is no response-in any way shape or form-other than maybe a smile.  Well is it that big of a deal?  Um, YEAH.  It is. 

I get angry at other moms at the store with their kids because they have the ability to talk to their children, and have their children talk back to them.  It really irritates me when they tell them to stop talking.  Yep, something that simple because in mind, that mom probably doesn't undestand what a blessing she truly has in a chatterbox child.  I know, these are very broad assumptions, and if that makes me look like an a**, then so be it.  I feel this pressure that AJ must talk.  I would get into the reasons, but lets just say I'm trying to make it easier for everyone.

I guess perhaps I dont' have anything pertinent to say on the subject this morning.  But I do want to thank Ellen for her response, and the responses from her readers.  They are all much appreciated.

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