Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I woke up this morning totally refreshed.  I mean, shockingly rested.  Which is amazing since I don't think I'd had that great of a night of sleep in YEARS.  I'm serious.  I think I even woke up with a smile on my face.

For whatever reason, I've been graced with a bit of Zen recently.  Which, while being seriously overdue, I am welcoming into my life. 

We returned early from a visit to Jer's Mom & Step-Dad in Iowa on Sunday night.  While our quick departure was not planned, the drive was absolutely gorgeous during sunset and my husband and I chatted for four hours-straight.  About anything and everything. While we spent most of yesterday morning in Urgent Care with AJ, the day ended up being a family day.  Totally by accident.  An accident I am still smiling about.

While sitting in Urgent Care, my little man was snuggled on my shoulder.  Melt.my.heart.  He's at that age where he doesn't necessarily want to snuggle all the time. Even though I was frustrated we waited for over an hour to be seen, I found myself enjoying the snuggle.  I quickly calmed my frustration with remembering that we truly are blessed to be able to just walk in somewhere, wait an hour, and walk out with a diagnosis AND the prescription called into the pharmacy already so we don't have to *gasp* wait for it to be filled. 

We decided to run an errand, ok I decided we should run an errand while on that side of town, so we headed to Sam's club where I did a Jeremy.  What's a Jeremy?  I walked in with intentions of buying Crystal Light packets & crackers...walking out with a cart FULL.  To celebrate my achievement, Jer pulled into Starbucks, where I shouted my order for my new favorite drink (Iced Mocha-thanks Mel for introducing me) into the speaker, because Jer says if he were to order he would never get it right.  

The weather was absolutely gorgeous here yesterday-it almost felt like fall with the lack of humidity and temps in the 70s.  We drove with our windows open-imagine that! We picked up lunch and headed towards home, when I remembered the post office was on the way and I needed to mail the box thats been rattling around in my trunk for ahem, a while.  Jer chatted on the phone with a friend, while I ran in the post office, mailed my box, and picked up a sheet of Katherine Hepburn stamps.  Because Gram would have loved those, so I had to get them to use for mailing out all my important mail, like my bills.  Fun.

We continued on to the pharmacy, where I ran in and crossed off several items off my "to pick up list" in addition to AJ's prescription. Rock on.

We finally arrived home, where I had a great conversation with a friend that made me feel "normal".  That is always a plus in my book . We played with AJ, watched weird TV shows, and just enjoyed a laid back day.  AJ went to bed at a normal time, followed by Jeremy and I eating dinner by ourselves (on purpose), and then proceeding to sit in silence, as I read a book and he worked on the last project for his current class.  No TV, no noise, just a few conversations between us here and there.  Bliss.

We wrapped up the night crawling into our comfy bed, which for some reason was extremely comfy last night, complete with fresh sheets.  Oh how I love fresh sheets.

It was a wonderful day. 

Zen, you can stick around for a while. Ok?

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  1. Oh can you send some of that this way?!? I feel good just after reading your post! and I had to laugh about the Starbucks scene because Mike doesn't even try either, he just leans back in the drivers seat as I yell from the other side! lol


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