Thursday, January 12, 2012

Silver Lining

Well, yesterday was interesting.  

He has repeated the same pattern that happened last weekend on Tuesday, so I let him sleep until he woke himself and then took him to school.  Yesterday, he was in a deep sleep again when I opened his door.  I gotta say, I'm missing the "beep, beep, beep...vroom, vroom, vrooms" in the morning.  It is so very rare for him to be that deep in sleep at that time in the morning.  

For a solid week we have been talking with AJ's school team about the observation by one the district's special education gurus.  Which was, of course, scheduled for yesterday.  So, I felt it important to wake him.  He did great during breakfast and getting dressed, but was a bit "off" in the car. I figured he was just tired. As I drove up to school he looked like he was drifting off to sleep.  Ok, so he's really tired.  He was wide-eyed when we parked and I dropped him off as usual.

A few minutes after I arrived home the staff called me, describing a seizure.  "...annnnnnnd he just fell asleep," she said.    Ok, let him sleep. I called the neurologist office and waited for a call back.  I drove up to school, honestly, to check on the staff.  I knew if he was sleeping, he'd wake up refreshed.  Sounds insensitive, doesn't it.  Such is the life of a special needs mother-sometimes.

The silver lining lies in these events:
+ Upon arriving at school I popped in to talk to the health room nurse.  I could tell by her body language that what happened did not cause the staff to panic.
+AJ actually having the seizure at school helps the staff recognize symptoms.  
+ While he was sleeping, two of his aides sat on the floor and navigated AJ's iPad, going through things that a typical school day does not allow time for.
+ I had the opportunity to chat about the seizure in detail with his school team.
+ I had the opportunity to sit on the floor and chat with the special education guru for over an hour, with various members of his school  team filtering in and out of our conversation.
+There truly could not have been a better day for the guru to be observing AJ.  

While I certainly would not like to repeat yesterdays, I am thankful for the silver lining.

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