Sunday, January 1, 2012

Catch Up

Two months without posts leaves an awful lot to catch up on.  Doesn't it?  Oh wait, you're the reader I'm the blogger.  Sigh.

In speed fashion, allow me to catch up:
AJ was Harry Potter for Halloween.
CI Appointment tweaks his low frequencies. Its like magic and suddenly he's keeping his coils on. Research starts on how we can accurately achieve an audiogram for AJ.
AJ has another round of botox in his left hamstring and calf.  His physical medicine doctor suggests a SMO for his left foot.  The orthotic company was able to use the same cast used for his UCBs (received in September) for the SMO.
State insurance officially denied our appeal for physical and speech therapy.
We joined the local YMCA in effort to give AJ pool therapy more regularly.
We discontinue therapy after school and make the decision to make clinic visits during his break periods.
State insurance denies another authorization request for physical therapy even though time has gone by in which we were hoping they'd forget about him and grant us visits.  No cigar.
We discontinue therapy after school and make the decision to make clinic visits during his break periods.
Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiered and I was (sadly) a bit disappointed.
AJ ROCKS his iPad.
Despite my best efforts, Thanksgiving was stressful.
AJ surprised us and attempted raw carrots with success!
We do live in Wisconsin right?  Where is the snow?
School for this Mama becomes increasingly difficult and she wonders what she was thinking trying to do this right now.  Less than two years to go....Less than two years to go....
We received AJ's new SMO for his left foot.  We finally found shoes that will work with both the SMO and the UCB.
AJ ROCKS his iPad even more and begins to seek it out to make requests.
AJ's first-ever Christmas, er Holiday Program, was a complete disaster.  I'm biting my tongue very hard not to go into specifics.
We took AJ to Christmas Eve service at church and he did absolutely wonderful.
Our Christmas was nice and laid back.
Jeremy applied for his Masters program.
On New Years the hubby and I stayed in, watched a movie, and went to bed early.  Yep.  Total Party Animals.

Let's pretend today is December 31st, ok?  One of my goals for the new year is to blog every day.  I know.  A tall order.  Let's think positive!  Also, I've changed my blog settings to allow commenting without signing in, so please feel free to leave us a message!


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