Monday, November 9, 2015

Coming Home...Day 4 {A Reflection}

{Day 4}

Today was a bit of a wild card.
She woke up and got out of bed looking for us! Not panicky, but she knew we were here. Praise Jesus. Jeremy was awake with eyeballs open so he was able to see her morning preciousness. She came over to me again as soon as the light was on. 

Dancing with Daddy

She was a bit manic about food at breakfast and ate quite a lot. This trend continued throughout the day. She got very panicky when she was hungry. She likes to carry bread/cake/rolls around and eat them, savoring them.
We had her medical exam and blood draw in the morning. The staff was incredibly nice, however the blood test proved to be difficult. They tried twice and ended up blowing a vein. She is so dehydrated nothing was popping up. So they had us go up to the pediatrician and she got it drawn with an old technique. Let's just say-EWWW.
Mimi was outstanding for the entire thing. You can tell she's been around the block. She was so calm during the exam and even when the lab techs were looking for a spot. Our big girl.
She cleared and is now 34.5 inches tall and 26.5 pounds. They also gave her a flu shot. That's a US requirement now too. We were in and out in 45 minutes!
The blood draw tests for TB, which she's negative. However, in the middle of our process the US began requiring the kids to be tested for TB before entering the US which is why our trip this round is longer. She's been vaccinated for it, but those who have been often test false positive with the skin poke, so it's recommended to do the blood test instead. Quicker results and more accurate.
After the medical we hung out for a while, during which she ate approximately an entire pantry of snacks. She cleaned us out.
We went to the large mall center here with another adoptive family. The minute we got into the cab Mimi started screaming-very odd. Then we realized she thought we were going back to the clinic. frown emoticon she settled down about halfway there.
The mall was beautiful and a unique experience. Sofia is very fashion forward. Very. Mimi loved the stroller. She started to panic as she was hungry and in a new place. She twists/taps her curls for comfort. Or she pulls her clips out slowly. We got some delicious pizza at the food court. We spent about an hour and a half just sitting and eating, letting her eat. She started holding two pieces in her hands, which was adorable, but also heartbreaking. We just do our best to try and understand and reassure her there will be enough.

We walked around, stopped and got some new toys for the weekend and she walked some laps with Daddy.
I, being the control freak I am, didn't really enjoy the mall as much as I should I have. In fact my comments on it being beautiful cracked me up when I was reading through and adding photos.  I was so panicky I just wanted to go home. And I may have snapped at Jeremy 3,245 times. I don't do so well with unpredictability.
We Facetimed with the Grandma's once we got back to the hotel which was super fun. We were a little late in ending our chat so she spiraled when dinner wasn't here fast enough. We were able to calm her though. Progress.

She's really understanding us more and using her English well. However, would the real Addiba please stand up? She says "Addie-bah" all the time and no one knows what it is...
She discovered how to blow bubbles in the tub tonight which was a privilege to experience her figure that out. Her delight is pure joy.
 Exploring her new bowling set.

She allowed me to feed her (not to self she does not like extreme temperatures) dinner.
And the waiter brought up a basket of rolls just for her. I really love room service. wink emoticon

Bedtime went really well. She really did great. She hung with is on the bed and would walk around brushing her hair. It's really interesting to see her calm. I think the orphanage was really, really stressful on her. I saw remnants of that when we went to the mall. She pulled out stims I hadn't seen since we visited. Her nystagmus seen to pick up when she's stressed. I nearly had a panic attack just wanting to go and calm her.

Today is is the beginning of a 3.5 days stretch where we have nothing to do.... Please pray that we can keep ourselves busy and keep our sanity smile emoticon there is an outdoor Christmas market we are hoping to go to at some point. Other than that we need to hit the grocery store today.
Please also pray for her hydration. I brought some pedialyte powder packs to add to water but she doesn't like sweet stuff ( unless it's finger cake of sometype). She's not showing distress over drinking anymore, but adding a little extra umpf would help this mama feel better.
Today I found myself angry. And it's crept in several time now since we've had her. No child should have to go through this. I love her staff that cared for her, but I am so angry with the circumstances of the orphan. It is such bold hypocrisy. My brain was swirling a mild a minute at the mall. She doesn't deserve to have to process all this new, exhibit stims, and feel scared or threatened. It's not fair.
She's a beautiful ball of hope, peeps.

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