Monday, November 9, 2015

Coming Home...Day 5 {A Reflection}

{Day 5}

Today was a laid back day.
We had breakfast and then ended up with a sleeping Mimster mid-morning. 

We played, slept, rested, ate, and went to the corner grocery.

Our hotel

She didn't have one single tantrum today.
She also decided that each time we came back from a meal that she should stripped down in the bathroom and come out handing me her clothes... Then run in by the bathtub and flash me a megawatt smile. She had three baths today. smile emoticon
We are still asking, no pleading for the real Addie-Ba to stand up. No really, please. I emailed the psychologist at the orphanage today to ask as it seems to be an important word to her. It's not a regular Bulgarian word ...
Tonight at dinner she decided to feed both of us. I made a silly sound after biting into a roll she shoved in my mouth...and the hilarity ensued. She mimicked me-sound and all.
She anti-rocked bedtime tonight. Instead she stayed with me, asked to be changed, snuggled hard and then crawled into bed and fell asleep.
I'm not sure how many times I have played what we are experiencing in my head. Before we got here. For months. I never could have imagined what we are experiencing. That's the thing about His timing, it's perfect and the way it's meant to be. About twice a day so find myself waiting for the other shoe to drop. And then I stop myself from stealing my own joy, and watching her experience joy.

Prayer requests:
Bulgaria and my stress asthma do not get along. Today we laid low on account of being tired, but also because my lungs felt like they were on fire. A lot of people smoke here and it doesn't take much to irritate me. Walking in and out of places is a sure fire place to be in the midst of it. But so think my flare came from going to the exchange center yesterday and standing in a 5x5 box in front of cashier window and having the whole area filled with smoke. My inhaler is helping, but it's just not something were going to get away from until we get to the airport. It comes in through the vents, etc. no one notices but me of course. So, prayers that I can continue to manage my asthma with my inhaler and hot water baths/showers.
Second, AJ is having a rough time at home. Please pray that his growing pains cease and give him a break and that his heart will settle in knowing well be home soon.
These down days aren't so bad after all....

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