Monday, November 9, 2015

Coming Home...Day 6 {A Reflection}

{Day 6}

Day 6
Very much a day of
Day 6? Already?
Only Day 6? Really?
We are utterly exhausted.
She woke up this morning and was very skeptical-until she saw her stocking from St. Nick. She was really excited about that.

After breakfast this morning Mimi had a rough time. This is not surprising as she's fighting a slight stuffy nose and isn't quite herself. We all napped until 2.

 Miss Independent

It rained all day here. We played and played by our suite window. It made me feel like we were outside. With both she and I under the weather, we were not going out. I did see a slice of blue sky for a bit this afternoon.

In good/sombering news we've found Addiba.
I received an email back from Mimi's orphanage stating that they were stumped too until she called Mimi's teacher and asked. The kids call her Ali and add in the -ba as it is a way to greet someone here. Mimi's d and l sounds are's Aliba, not Addiba.
She's calling for her teacher.
It's usually during routine things, dressing, bathing, etc. she's calling our for her like she's in the next room.
Now that we know, I chatted with our social worker in WI to brainstorm how we can handle this. We do our chant (Mama ok, Daddy ok, Mimi ok) and when she calls out I remind her in Bulgarian that we said "ciao ciao" to Aliba.
She's not stressed about it so far which is a blessing. Being under the weather I'm sure she wanted her more today.
I am so thankful for then translation apps on my phone. Every day I'm looking for new words and feel like a champion when I nail it and she responds.
We are very ready to come home. Both she and I are slightly better today, so hooray for that. Hoping some sleep will help us feel even better. Nighty night everyone...

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